Book Review :- “New Age Entrepreneurs”

I taken few following examples points from the book. This book really provide a wonderful information on the New Age Entrepreneurs  and also a help to inspire the reader’s who have a dream to start own business.

Here is the few examples I like from the books.

*Company :- Pure Chemicals Co.

*Founder :- N.Ponnuswami

“Like my brother  once said  to emphasize the importance of customer service-we should be willing to bring the  customer  even tiger’s  milk if he asked for it”. Ponnuswami  said in Tamil to illustrate that companies  should be ready  to do what it takes to serve their customers.

N.Poonnuswami Talking abt qualities for entrepreneur possess to be success:

First, select a business that is scalable. Secondly. don’t be egoistic. And finally, delegate work with responsibilities and try not to micromanage.    

How one entrepreneur turn company in to  1700 Corer turnover business from starting a business with lending Rs.36000 from relatives.


*Company:-Tirumula Milk Production (P) Ltd.,

*Founder:-B Brahma Naidu & Friends

How this people success in Private Milk Business Sector even  Co-operative sector in market like GCMMF and NDDB. They are really work hard and win the trust of village farmers. facing many adversity during this business journey. Overall hard work and honesty  keep them stand in market and increase there value of business.


I really love to read such type of story in books. There are lots of example of success story of the many entrepreneurs.

Overall the quality of  writing of the book is very good and one must be read who are interested to know how the  entrepreneur successive in business. I like Q.& A page in every topic of the book.   


In the end I would like to say Thanks to random House India ,especially Rukunk for put trust into me and give me a opportunity for write something what I understand and like throughout the book. I like to recommended to read this interesting book to everyone in a time.

Review By-Nitin L.Patel


Book Available at 

Book Published by Random House India

Windsor IT Park,7th Floor,Tower-B,

A-1,Sector-125,Noida-201301 (U.P.)





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